When you are riding a bike, helmets are paramount for staying safe. It's really important to protect one of the most valuable resources we all have, our brains. It doesn't matter if you are riding half a mile to the grocery store, riding around the block with your friends, or racing one hundred miles, cyclists must wear a helmet."
Lea Davison Bike PHAT Lea Davison American cross-country mountain biker, 2012 Olympian, and co-founder of Little Bellas
Getting this good hurt. Don’t forget to wear your helmet!"
7199shaunWhite Shaun White Professional Snowboarder, Gold Medalist
In just a few years, PHAT has created an effective, non-coercive program to increase usage of ski helmets and raised the visibility of the issue across the nation. We’re very pleased to be partnering with PHAT to help skiers and snowboarders of all ages have a safer experience on the slopes."
nsp_shield_03 Tim White Executive Director of the National Ski Patrol
Little Bellas operates with the rule that you don't throw a leg over your bike without a helmet on. It doesn't matter what the setting, we always wear our helmets. No helmet, no riding."
Sabra Davison Bike PHAT Sabra Davison Two time Mountain Bike, US World Championship Team Member, and the co-founder of Little Bellas


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Helmets Save Lives

Helmets Save Lives Every year, 10 million Americans ski or snowboard – with approximately 600,000 injuries reported, 20 percent of which are head injuries, the chief cause of death among skiers and snowboarders. A new study by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine adds to the mounting medical evidence showing that ski helmets do save lives [...]

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